Our interest in maintaining your investment doesn’t end with the commissioning of your system. At D&L Engineering Sales Limited, we recognize the importance of maintaining fully operational fire and life safety systems to assure maximum protection of your occupants and premises. It is required by the National Fire Code of Canada and ULC that periodic inspections and tests be performed to maintain system integrity. Preventive maintenance is the key to ensuring that your fire alarm system performs as intended in the event of an unforeseen emergency.

The inspection and testing of fire alarm systems is performed by our fully qualified Canadian Fire Alarm Association certified technicians with extensive experience in complex and basic fire detection and suppression systems. The Fire Alarm Technology Program was created in the 1980’s to provide training in the specialized area of fire alarm systems, thereby increasing the knowledge levels of persons directly or indirectly involved in the fire alarm industry. This educational program has been approved by various Authorities Having Jurisdiction nationwide and is now widely recognized within the industry. We’re raising the level of services provided to guarantee the highest caliber of fire protection for your people and property!

D&L Engineering Sales Limited maintains an extensive spare parts inventory to repair systems quickly. We are ULC listed for both fire alarm service and halon service.

D&L Engineering offers the following services to ensure maximum reliability of your fire alarm system for years to come:

  • System commissioning and verification to ensure that systems are in proper working order at start-up (total system documentation provided)
  • Periodic inspection and testing of the following units (if applicable):
    • control unit testing
    • power supply testing including batteries and emergency power generators
    • annunciator testing including sequential displays and remote trouble units
    • printer testing
    • field devices testing including manual pull stations, heat detectors, smoke detectors, remote indicator units, status change confirmations, flame detectors, combination type detectors, automatic detectors, water type extinguishing systems, signal appliances, emergency telephones, remote monitoring connections
  • Verification and inspection reports provided to confirm that, at the time of testing, systems are operating in accordance with recognized and accepted standards and are in proper working order
  • System troubleshooting, repairs, modifications including system software programming, re-configuration and upgrading as required
  • 24-hour emergency service to provide round-the-clock access to trained service technicians and technical expertise
  • Customer training courses to demonstrate system overviews and operational procedures, and to instill employee confidence in reacting to unforeseen emergencies
  • Product training sessions, code reviews and general product seminars

We’re raising the level of services provided to guarantee the highest caliber of fire protection for your people and property!