Electronic Surveillance Corporation

Markets: Military, Industrial & Commercial
D&L Installations: Replaced Obsolete Fire Monitoring System at CFB Halifax and CFAD Bedford which included 250+ Buildings and Various Canadian Naval Assets

Electronic Surveillance Corporation (ESC) is a Canadian-owned and controlled company which designs, develops and manufactures electronic products and services targeting commercial, industrial and institutional markets. D&L Engineering is extremely pleased to add ESC to our list of highly reputable suppliers of professional and integrated end-user solutions tailored to the specific needs of the emergency service community.

  • Fire Integrated Monitoring System – provides emergency signal monitoring of sites for fire and fire-related incidents from a central location. The Fire-IMS eliminates the need to wait for a human caller to report the event which allows for a faster and more efficient response to fire-based emergencies. This equipment therefore provides maximum protection of non-traditional premises such as vacant buildings. All information is logged and time-stamped allowing for quick and easy access to historical data for simplified tracking of alarms. This system can be used with ESC hardware or configured to interface with third-party hardware allowing for increased flexibility. This system runs on the Windows NT operating system.
  • Intrusion Integrated Monitoring System – a comprehensive remote security system with full intrusion detection and fire monitoring capability. Its design includes functions not found in traditional security monitoring systems including two-way communication between the system and remote detection hardware in the field. The Intrusion-IMS is also capable of sending a variety of signals to allow for remote programming and control of boxes and associated hardware. The Intrusion-IMS incorporates full querying, logging, and printing capabilities for received information, as well as full display capabilities for such items as floor plans detailing the locations of alarm devices and egress/entrance points. The software can be tailored to provide personnel access to various areas and zones depending on the user’s level of duty, clearance and shift. All activity is time-stamped to allow for full tracking of activity by area. This system also runs on the Windows NT operating system and can be used with ESC hardware or integrated with existing third-party hardware.
  • Hardware Products – can be used in conjunction with the above software systems, third-party applications or as stand alone systems. Hardware includes alarm receivers, control units, transmitters, etc. which are engineered to ensure ruggedness, reliability and versatility.