Marioff HI-FOG

Distributor Since: 2003
Markets: Land-Based & Marine/Offshore Applications

Founded in 1985, Marioff’s knowledge in marine and offshore high pressure hydraulics quickly lead to the introduction of HI-FOG fire protection technology in 1991. HI-FOG combines the extinguishing characteristics of the only truly environmental benign agent – water – with the penetrative qualities of gases. Once activated, this system totally floods the protected area with a high density mist that reaches even shielded areas and fires, absorbs and blocks heat radiation from the fire source and prevents oxygen from entering the combustion area.

HI-FOG provides superior fire suppression and smoke absorption compared to conventional sprinkler, deluge or low pressure mist systems without the water and smoke damage or clean-up problems. HI-FOG systems do not require the enclosure integrity of gaseous systems. And small pipe size means less design time and civil costs, as well as fast installation and commissioning. Small piping sizes also means that HI-FOG can also be easily retrofitted in existing areas allowing the structure to continue operating during the refurbishment program. And systems are easily tested and require little maintenance.

HI-FOG’s Fast Detection occurs at a very early stage before a fire has even taken hold, and the smoke scrubbing systems combat the primary risk, which is the smoke and its by-products. HI-FOG’s Sprinkler System uses ‘light hazard’ sprinkler technology using 10 – 20% of the water discharge from that of conventional sprinklers so water damage is considerably reduced. Optional ‘pre-action’ systems minimize the risk of accidental water discharge by prohibiting the release of water into the sprinkler piping until the detection system opens a supply valve.

HI-FOG is a Class I water mist defined by NFPA 750. The mist is normally delivered at high velocity using high pressure pumps or charged gas cylinders. The combination of the right drop size distribution and high velocity ensures efficient penetration and rapid cooling of the fire plume and adjacent gases. Because of the small drop size and minimal water usage, HI-FOG water mist systems are being used for a very wide range of applications including:

  • cruise ships, passenger vessels, cargo and other ships
  • oil and gas production facilities for offshore and petrochemical industries
  • computer and telecom rooms
  • transformer protection
  • archives and store rooms especially those containing flammable liquids
  • machinery space and turbine protection
  • hotels, public and commercial buildings and offices
  • metro stations and train carriages
  • heritage buildings, museums and archive stores
  • traffic tunnels

The only fire protection technology which has high suppression, cooling capability and addresses human and environmental safety concerns is HI-FOG water mist. This technology is available today from D&L Engineering Sales Limited.