Secutron Inc

Distributor Since: 1984
Markets: Military, Industrial & Commercial
D&L Installations: 20+ Monitoring Systems Protecting 1000+ Buildings/1000+ Transponders/30+ Remote Control Points (Utilities, Security Offices, Pumphouses)

Secutron Inc. is a Canadian owned and controlled company which designs, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art Life Safety and Property Protection products targeting commercial, industrial and institutional markets. Currently, D&L Engineering integrates the following Secutron products into innovative system solutions:

  • SE2000 CSRM Central Station Receiver – a modular, distributed processor based fire alarm, security and building management system which can be used in both central monitoring stations to provide protection to individuals and corporations or as a proprietary system providing fire, security and building management services for buildings owned or operated by one corporation. Due to the varying applications, the SE2000 can be packaged in the following configurations: a digi-tel central station for alarm companies; a proprietary system for industrial or institutional complexes, a digi-tel central station using D-VAC and SE 2870 controls; or a digi-quad for residential and office condominiums.
  • RAM-PART – Computer Aided Monitoring and Dispatch Program – an easy to use monitoring and dispatch program designed to assist in the automation of central stations. It is primarily designed for the monitoring of fire detection, supervisory equipment, and building management systems, but it can be adapted for use with burglary systems. It provides both text and high resolution graphics capability and is capable of flashing special fire, burglary and building function symbols from individual zones. Multi-tasking capability allows simultaneous printing, communications, etc.
  • SE 2800 Control Panel and Transmitter – a micro-processor based control unit capable of monitoring fire and/or burglary functions for small to medium industrial, commercial and residential locations and transmitting this information to a central monitoring station.
  • Modul-R MR-2900 – a micro-processor based system which can be configured as an addressable, conventional and/or networked system. Unique features include separate LED for alarm, supervisory and trouble indication for each zone, plus ground fault indication by input circuit.