Siemens Fire Safety

Distributor Since: 1978
Markets: Marine, Offshore, Military, Industrial & Commercial
D&L Installations: 1,000+ Conventional Systems/200+ Intelligent-Addressable Systems/200+ Suppression Control Systems

Siemens is the world’s largest manufacturer of life safety systems. Siemens invented the first ionization, analog and field programmable fire detectors. For 50 years, they have designed solutions for virtually every life safety application. From precision manufacturing facilities and corporate headquarters to university campuses and medical facilities. Siemens products and systems can grow with your facility in many configurations and offer a forward migration path that extends their life and allows compatibility with future products. They can also interface seamlessly with other building systems. The systems also possess command centers to monitor and control all wide-area and local needs to reduce the need to position personnel at multiple locations. Siemens manufacturers both control equipment and field devices, therefore, eliminating compatibility problems inherent with other manufacturers in the industry. D&L Engineering is an authorized distributor for the following Siemens Fire Safety products:

1. Intelligent/Addressable Systems – MXL Series System Command Centers can detect and signal the presence of fire, smoke, heat, off-normal sprinkler conditions and security violations. In an emergency it can control ventilation, capture elevators, close fire doors, activate audible and visual evacuation signals, alert authorities and can complete complex sequences of operation. Each panel has an 80-character display to instantly supply the operator with all necessary system management information. A portable device programmer and tester enables testing, programming or verification of detectors operation. Programming via laptop ensures fast, accurate off-line design and easy upload capability. A detailed log of system activity can be retrieved via keyboard or laptop either for visual review or printed records.

  • MXL – the MXL series of systems is the most widely accepted analog fire protection system in the marketplace today. The MXL is adaptable to the requirements of a majority of installations concerned with early warning and evacuation, from small offices to corporate towers, convention centers, assisted living and health care facilities, colleges and airports. Using distributed intelligence and advanced communication techniques, the system can monitor an unlimited number of points of detection. Flexible architecture allows easy expansion at any range, eliminating costly upgrades or retrofitting.
  • MXL-IQ – the power of an MXL for small and midrange applications. With up to 240 detector points, expandable to more than 750 input and output points, the MXL-IQ is ideal for schools, nursing homes, small office buildings, strip malls, hotels and apartment buildings. Designed to make installation and maintenance easier and more efficient through innovative, user-friendly technology. These systems allow more end-user participation in the system design and provide an intelligent, custom-engineered solution that reduces cost, increases efficiency and maintains the highest degree of system performance and reliability.
  • MXLV – combines emergency voice evacuation features with the flexible architecture of the base MXL. Applicable to highly populated structures, including high-rise offices, hotels and hospitals or sprawling complexes such as airports, universities and industrial plants. Allows up to three simultaneous audio signals to be active in various areas of a facility. Can provide multiple digitally recorded messages for clear instructions to occupants. Up to four command consoles allow operators to fully control the system when necessary. Firefighter’s telephone allows the fire response team to communicate directly during their operation.
  • FirePrint Intelligent Fire Detector – this ground-breaking product utilizes its advanced technology to eliminate false alarms by recognizing the difference between false alarm conditions and genuine fire. Through the MXL system, FirePrint can be set for the type of environment it’s protecting. This allows the detector’s decision-making process to adjust as needed, looking for the fire scenarios it expects to find in a specific environment. It provides the life safety industry with the most highly evolved detection system available today for the price of a photoelectric detector. State-of-the art microprocessor circuitry with error check, detector self-diagnostics and supervision programs.
  • FireFinder Command Center – provides a central monitoring and control point for an MXL networked system. It is a PC based color display and control software package that intuitively guides the operator to take appropriate action in the case of unforseen emergencies. When the event is activated, the internal audibles sound and the device location and text message is displayed instantly. The response buttons flash prompting the user to take the suitable action quickly and in the correct sequence. A check mark next to the event message lets the operator know that the appropriate action has been taken. This mechanism makes any operator feel comfortable and confident when monitoring the life safety system.
  • FireSeeker Model FS-250 – provides the benefits of state-of-the-art addressable technology in a user-friendly format at a remarkably competitive price. It is one of the latest developments in Siemens 60-plus year history. The FS-250 is simple to install, cost-effective to manage and easy to configure, no matter how your facility changes. Ideal for office buildings, schools, strip malls and other small to mid-sized facilities, the system combines superior value with exceptional reliability. The FS-250 provides 252 addressable inputs which can double as outputs for a total of 504 programmable points on a single loop. More devices per loop means less wiring to install. The system can be connected to existing field device and notification circuit wiring to save time and costs of retrofits. This system uses the Fireprint Intelligent fire detectors which can recognize the difference between false alarm conditions and genuine fire and can be set for any of 11 environments where fires most likely occur. The FS-250 is a perfect fit for waterless suppression and pre-action sprinkler applications.

2. Conventional Systems

These zoned fire alarm systems are the conventional approach to satisfying the needs for most budget conscious owners of small and midsize buildings. They are available in three micro-processor models and one modular model to accommodate various building sizes and configurations. Both can be quickly and easily adapted to your specific building requirements regardless of the need. These systems provides basic, reliable smoke and heat detection, monitor status of sprinkler systems, send evaluation signals throughout the building and transmit system conditions to a central station. They offer a cost-effective solution for schools, nursing homes, apartment buildings, municipal buildings, department stores, strip malls, and more. No proprietary tools or training are required to program and test the installed systems which have the only user interface in the industry capable of prompting all functions, from silencing horns to changing pass codes.


System 3 – introduced in the late 1960s, the System 3 revolutionized the concept of modular design, which enabled each system to be specifically designed and customized to meet the customer’s application needs.


  • TXL – for buildings with 8 to 60 zones
  • PXL – for buildings with up to 36 zones
  • SXL-EX – for buildings with up to 8 zones
  • PE-11 Smoke Detector – used with micro-processor conventional systems, the PE-11 is a cost-efficient unit which automatically checks every 7 seconds for proper operation and cleanliness, and indicates its status by the color of the LED. Manual testing using sensitivity meters is eliminated because the operator simply looks at the LED to verify dependable operation.

3. Suppression Control

  • FM-200 – A clean fire suppression agent exceeding all the criteria necessary to replace Halon 1301. It is a safe, environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative to the phaseout of Halon 1301 and is validated through independent approvals. FM-200 is capable of snuffing out fire within 10 seconds – without harming occupants or damaging precious equipment, processes or objects. It is ideal for facilities containing expensive or hard-to-replace equipment and processes, data storage or hazardous materials and even those with irreplaceable objects or valuable artifacts.
  • Suppression Control Systems – include the MXL, MXL-IQ and System 3 as described above. These systems can all be customer configured for suppression control and are listed and approved releasing systems.

4. Special Hazards

  • VESDA Air Sampling Detection Systems – using laser technology, VESDA responds to the earliest stages of fire by actively and continuously drawing in air samples, unlike conventional detectors that passively wait for smoke to reach them. Aspiration type air sampling systems are considered by many as the cutting edge of early fire detection. They may achieve levels of sensitivity and performance as much as 1000 times greater than conventional, spot-type detectors. One VESDA detector can protect an area of up to 20,000 square feet. Alternatively, a VESDA Scanner can break up this area into as many as four zones to quickly locate and contain a problem. When connected to an MXL series system, VESDA can provide early warning detection as an integral part of your entire building fire protection plan.