Magnetic Proximity Switches

Topworx builds little things that make a big difference. From leverless limit switches to integrated valve controllers to valve performance solutions, it’s been that way since CR Marcum founded the company in 1950 and remains that way today.

D&L Engineering Sales Limited is a representative for the following Topworx products:

1. Magnetic Proximity Switches

  • Square Switches – similar in appearance to conventional mechanical limit switches, the 10, 20, 30 and 80 Series GO Switches stand alone in the industry for one main reason: they operate by magnetism.
  • Round Switches – offering a unique tubular one-piece stainless steel housing and end sensing, 70 Series GO Switches are rugged Leverless Limit Switches that are powered magnetically.

2. VIP Bracket Kits

TopWorx VIP Brackets Kits are special bracket packages used to firmly mount GO Leverless Limit Switches onto valves or actuators in order to indicate whether a valve is open or closed.

Stealth VIP Bracket Kits

Conforming to all NAMUR specifications for standard interfacing with pneumatic actuators, Stealth VIP Bracket Kits offer heavy-duty, cost-efficient brackets that reduce set-up time and eliminate multiple bracket inventory for NAMUR mounted actuators.

3. Accessories

When it comes to accessories for GO Switch products, TopWorx offers a multitude of choices. From Mini-change, Micro-change or Underwater Quick Disconnect Mating Cable, Topworx can meet your needs. Mounting kits, brackets, jam nuts or washers for our Square or Round Switches are not a problem. Topworx has Aura Light Adapter options as well as a number of Target Magnets and electronic accessories.