The Protectowire

Distributor Since: 1992
Markets: Industrial, Military, Power Utilities, Offshore, Hazardous Locations D&L Installations: 7 Systems – Electrical Generation Plant/7 Freezers (Pre-Action Control Systems)/4 Offshore Platforms & Onshore Gas Plant/7 Industrial Plants

Protectowire Fire Systems have long been recognized as industry’s first line of defense for protecting invaluable equipment and high risk areas from overheat and fire. Its fast response can mean the difference between a controlled fire situation and a major disaster. Protectowire Fire Systems have proven effective in numerous applications such as refrigerated storage areas, bridges and piers, vehicular tunnels, floating roof fuel storage tanks, aircraft hangars, self-storage warehouses, cable trays, materials handling systems, dust collectors and baghouses, cooling towers and high risk areas such as motor control panels, switchgear, substations, power transformers and resistor banks, etc.

The following is a sampling of Protectowire products used by D&L Engineering to customize innovative and practical solutions:

  • Protectowire Linear Heat Detector – is a proprietary cable that detects heat conditions anywhere along its length. When connected to an approved fire alarm control panel, a monitoring current passes continuously through the detector and supervisory circuit. When the preset temperature is reached, the heat-sensitive material yields, permitting the actuators to contact with one another and initiate an alarm signal. Heat alone causes the alarm without dependence on flame, smoke, or rate of temperature rise. The detector is made in different temperature ratings to allow for differences in normal ambient temperature.
  • FS2000 Fire Alarm Control Panel – a commercial, institutional and light industrial grade fire alarm panel featuring individual control modules designed to meet specialized system requirements. It is a fully supervised, non-coded fire alarm control panel available in multiple zone configurations. Its modular design allows for customization and easy maintenance. The FS2000 is capable of sprinkler supervisory service, waterflow alarm, pre-action sprinkler of deluge system release.
  • FS2600HD Industrial Fire Control Panel – specifically designed for industrial hazards which demand high reliability and customized system features. It is a fully supervised, fire detection control panel available in multiple zone custom configurations. When configured in a proprietary fire alarm system, will operate early warning smoke and flame detectors, provide sprinkler supervisory service, waterflow alarm, and automatic extinguishing system release including pre-action and deluge sprinkler systems.
  • ACR1600 Heavy Duty Industrial Fire Control Panel – modular in design and features individual circuit control modules designed to meet specialized system requirements for most special hazard and industrial fire detection systems. System capabilities may be expanded by adding additional modules and functions to the basic system.